PLATINUM COATING cover extends the service life of NICHIHA fibrocement panels and decreases the operating costs.

Improved weather-resistant PLATINUM COATING cover is better in every way than previous items. With this cover the time between colorings increased by 50%.

Service life of NICHIHA panels with PLATINUM COATING cover is more than 30 years!

Working life if any material is the ability to maintain its operating properties. Under the influence of environment there’s a variety of physico-chemical processes going on in the materials. To predict some of them several methods are used and some of them were developed by soviet scientists. Practical tests are used as well as accelerated laboratory testings. To consider all the operating factors the testing should be performed during the working life of the material. NICHIHA products do not loose their qualities for decades. And the customer choice in favor of our brand speaks for itself.

The accelerated testings of materials for resistance to UV radiation and weather and climate conditions in independent laboratories were successful.

In laboratories NICHIHA panels underwent accelerated testings by imitating of the sunlight, rain, dew and heating.

Nonstationarity of temperature impacts is considered as thermal ageing. Simply put, UV light energy equals 413 kJ/m, temperature resistance of PLATINUM COATING* cover is higher than 443 kJ/m (activation energy of thermal processes. During the researches it was confirmed that after more than 18.000 hours of exposure all the material qualities remain. That’s why we can proudly say that service life of NICHIHA panels is longer than 30 years!

*PLATINUM COATING cover is nut used in COOL MERAIA line, several models of EX line but in the ART panels cover HYPERCOATING is used.

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