NICHIHA is a leading global manufacturer of fibrocement panels. At the domestic market in Japan where each year more than 1 million buildings are constructed almost 30% percent of them are faced with NICHIHA products. In Russian Federation around ten thousand private and commercial facilities are using NICHIHA fibrocement panels.

Fibrocement is a constriction material on the basis of natural cement, wood fiber, mica components and other functional additives.

NICHIHA doesn’t use asbestos which is carcinogen since 1981. NICHIHA panels are safe to use as a facing material according to laboratories and state regulatory authorities.

NICHIHA Company produces more than 700 different textures and colors. Panels texture can be divided to wood, building tile/brick, natural stone, paint, steel, concrete.

NICHIHA produces fibrocement panels for building facades since 1974. They present on the Russian market since 2012.

Due to the layered structure consisted of silicon oxides and water from the atmosphere, on the surface of fibrocement panels molecular water film is being formed. The nanofilm prevents the emergence of static electricity, makes it difficult for suspended particles and dirt to stuck on the material by absorbing them. Then it renews itself with the rain or simple clean.

Actually, it’s not quite right to call the top colored layer “the paint”. This layer is protective paint cover will serve you for more than 15-30 year.

The company sells the product only through official partners and dealers?

There are different lines of NICHIHA panels. To learn more about the price please contact the official dealer?

The size and weight of NICHIHA panels differ depend on the line but in any case you don’t need machines for installation. W and EX line – 3030×455 mm, weight: ; FUGE and COOL line – 1820×455 mm, weight: ; ART line (thickness – 35 mm) has a smaller size, weight: .

NICHIHA panels have 2- sided mortise and tenon connection along the longer side. With a typical horizontal installation panels are joined with the help of a connecting profile. FUGE and COOL line have 4-sided mortise and tenon connection which doesn’t need pressurization and it eases the installation and the joint is almost invisible.

NICHIHA panels are used for walls facing with ventilated facades. Panels can be joined to the wood or metal subsystem. W line is joined with the help of nails or screws; EX, FUGE, COOL, ART lines are joined with the help of cleats.

Our company produces fibrocement, aluminum and metal coigns and ornamental cement linings as well.

We use a protection, resistant to atmospheric conditions cover for our panels. After ten years the slightly noticeable bleaching may appear.

With a “wet” method (application on the binder directly to the wall) ART line is used. All the lines of fibrocement panels are designed for the hinged ventilated facades, including pedestals.

No, panels can not be used for chimney facing. Even though the material is fire resistant, we did not design the panels for this purpose and we do not recommend to use the panels for chimney facing.

Нет. Панели NICHIHA не предназначены для использования в качестве кровельного материала.

NICHIHA panels are used for outer walls of buildings with ventilated facades. Panels can be installed in any climate and seismic zones. Panels can be used on any kind of buildings: low-rise civilian buildings, municipal and industrial buildings, cottages and town-houses, country hotels, sport and recreation facilities etc.

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