NICHIHA Company keeps getting first prizes at industrial design competition GOOD DESIGN AWARD, one of the most important event for architectures and industrial facilities designers. NICHIHA designs keep receiving highest evaluations from experts and designers.

COOL facing material was made special for urban environment: accuracy, generality and uniqueness – these are the main qualities of modern buildings. COOL line is presented in two ranges: 16 variants of Miraia and 15 of Memoria.

Glossy panels Miraia – looks like the future is light up through the glass screen. It’s hard to imagine that reflections of shade and shine could be reached with the help of natural materials.

In matt panels Memoria the density of time is saved, the ground for moving forward. Smooth, one colored panels with no texture allow you to create practical combinations for modern city. Designers want to combine sustainability of the past with surprise of the future.

Panels have the same four-sided connection mortise and tenon which doesn’t require pressurization as FUGE line.

In the future, the company is planning to make the panels of the color that customer needs.

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